MP Nambooze starts Anti Alcohol drinking campaign

Members of Parliament and the Civil  society led by Mukono Municipality MP,Betty Nambooze (4th Left) share ideas during a breakfast meeting at  Parliament  to launch the Anti Corruption campaign. The campaign moves to regulate alcohol consumption as well as propose for control over the production and sale of alcohol. PHOTO BY ERIC DOMINIC BUKENYA

Members of Parliament led by Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze, have launched a campaign to curb excessive consumption of alcohol.

Speaking at the launch this morning, Ms Nambooze said she was inspired to start the campaign, which she wants to culminate into a law to be passed by Parliament. Her remark was prompted by a resident who asked her to bring a law that will help him stop drinking.

Nambooze said her campaign is aimed at helping young people live responsible lives.

“I am also an alcohol drinker and I have just found out that I am a risk drinker because on a particular day I can take more than four units. We are not after those people who take alcohol responsibly or use it as culture. We just don't want our young people to get addicted and live by alcohol,” she said.

Ms Nambooze was joined at the launch by more than eight MPs. The campaign is facilitated by several civil society organizations led by Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance.