Former MP faces arrest over debt

Tuesday April 14 2015


KAMPALA. The High Court in Kampala has given former Kyamuswa County Member of Parliament a one-month ultimatum to pay Shs450 million in legal fees.

Mr Moses Kabuusu owes the current Kyamuswa MP Tim Lwanga Muteekanga Shs450 million in legal costs compensation that accrued after he lost a petition challenging Mr Lwanga’s election in 2011.
The order was given last Thursday following the arrest of Mr Kabuusu by court bailiffs after he failed to pay the money for more than two years.
Mr Kabuusu contested for the 2011 Kyamusa constituency but lost to Mr Lwanga and petitioned court thereafter. He accused his opponent and the Electoral Commission of electoral malpractices that led to his loss.

He, however, lost the case after court ruled that there was no sufficient evidence to pin Mr Lwanga on electoral malpractices.
Mr Kabuusu appealed the High Court ruling in Masaka but the Court of Appeal in Kampala still ruled in the accused’s favour.
Mr Kabuusu confirmed he was taken from his office to court.
“I was taken to court and ordered to pay the money as soon as possible. I was able to pay some and I was granted time to look for the remaining money,” he said.