MPs return age limit consultation money to Parliament

Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi, Kira Muncipality MP Semujju Nganda and Busongola North MP William Nzoghu display the money they returned to Parliament. Photo by Alex Esagala

What you need to know:

A section of members of Parliament who are opposed to the amendment of the Constitution to remove the age limit for presidential candidates have returned the cash they that was wired to their accounts on Tuesday.

The MPs were each given Shs29 million for the consultations on the controversial issue.

The politicians, however, say that by giving MPs money to consult their constituents, the government is misallocating the money that is supposed to be used to address funding gaps in sectors like health and education.

Opposition Chief Whip, Mr Semujju Nganda said they were returning the money to the Parliament officer in charge of the Consolidated Account.

Six members returned the money amounting to Shs174 million.

The MPs who have so far returned the money include Mr Nganda (Kiira Municipality), Ms Angeline Osegge (Soroti Woman), Mr William Nzoghu ( Busongora North), Mr Moses Kasibante (Rubaga North), Butambala County MP Mohammad Muwanga Kivumbi and Busiro East MP Medard Segona.

“The money is immoral and should be returned by all MPs. Leaders should be mindful of integrity. You cannot just eat money without minding your own suffering people,” said Butambala MP, Mr Muwanga Kivumbi.

Mr Kivumbi and Mr Nganda with bundles of cash. Photo by Alex Esagala


L-R: Mr Nzoghu, Mr Kivumbi, Mr Nganda and Mr Kasibante with bags containing the cash. Photo by Alex Esagala