Mafias are after my life, says Bryan White

Saturday July 11 2020

Socialite Brian Kirumira, commonly known as

Socialite Brian Kirumira, commonly known as Bryan White, on oxygen support at his home in Munyonyo in Kampala. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Jacobs Odongo Seaman

Bedridden socialite Brian Kirumira has said his life is in danger, not just because of ill-health but, he fears, at the hands of a string of “enemies” he has made.

Better known as Bryan White, Mr Kirumira, 35, said he fears he might be “gunned down like they did to [former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim] Abiriga because his closeness to President Museveni and the operations he was engaged in deprived some people of big budgets”.

“My wife can’t even come home at a time I need her most when I’m terribly sick,” he said. “These people, attempted to kidnap my child and trailed her from school but we foiled their plans.”

He did not name the people he claims are after his life, only suggesting they were ‘mafias’ in political circles and security agencies who were “envious” and assumed that he had been receiving “a lot of money from the Big Man [President Museveni]” for his operations.

Among the operations, he cited camping in Arua in 2018 during the ill-fated Arua Municipality by-election campaigns that saw the killing of Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver Yasiin Kawuma and the maiming of 34 others during arrest and while in military detention.

“There were dozens of these guys who had been recruited by [South Sudan vice president] Riek Machar to fight against President Kiir,” said Bryan.


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