Man dumps baby at clinic where wife died while giving birth

Monday June 29 2020
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A health worker pictured tending to a three-month-old baby dumped at Acute Medical centre, a private clinic on June 28, 2020. PHOTOS BY FRED MUZAALE

There was commotion in Kayunga Town on Sunday after a widower dumped his three-month- old baby at a private clinic where his wife is said to have died from while giving birth.
Mr Joseph Mukasa accused the health workers at Acute Medical Centre of negligence that resulted into the death of his wife, Agnes Birungi, in April this year when she was admitted there for delivery.
Birungi died while undergoing caesarean section.

Upon her death, the Kayunga District Police commander Mr John Lukooto, opened up a case of negligence against Dr Herbert Wabigogobi, the owner of the clinic.
Dr Wabigogobi, who also works at Kayunga District hospital, was subsequently arrested and detained at Kayunga Police Station but was later released on police bond.
Frustrated by the slow pace of investigations into his case and alleged failure by Mr Wabigogobi to cooperate and support him to look after his baby, Mukasa, 49, and a resident of Ggaza Village in Kayunga Sub County, on Sunday morning carried his baby boy and dumped him at Dr Wabigogobi’s clinic claiming he wanted justice over the "death of his wife."

The incident attracted a big crowd at the ever busy health facility paralyzing business in the area.
A few hours later, the baby was removed and taken to Kayunga Police Station by health workers.
"I want Dr Herbert [the proprietor of the clinic] to take care of my baby because he agreed to support me look after him following the death of my wife," Mr Mukasa shouted.

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Mr Mukasa holding the baby before he dumped him at a clinic where his wife died from.

Mr Mukasa, a builder claimed that his wife had been referred to Kangulumira Health Centre IV by health workers at Ntenjeru Health Centre IV but wondered why she was diverted to a private clinic.

Kangulumira Health Centre IV is currently acting as the district hospital because Kayunga hospital is undergoing renovation.
However, Dr Wabigogobi, dismissed the claims that he had reached at an understanding with Mr Mukasa to look after the baby.
"Many patients have recovered after being operated on here and some have died .So, there is no reason why he should ask for assistance from me moreover he consented before I operated his wife," Dr Wabigogobi said.


A source at Kayunga Police Station said that there was no case against Dr Wabigogobi since Mukasa had consented to the operation.
However, the source added the case file had been sent to the resident State attorney for advice.
"If there is a case, we shall take the doctor to court," the source said.
On Sunday, Mr Mukasa was arrested and briefly detained at the police station where he was charged with child desertion, but was released on police bond and ordered to take his baby back home.
Mr Mukasa said he now doesn't work because he has to look after the baby.