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Man jailed for 25 years for killing ex-lover

Thursday March 24 2016


Kampala- For pouring acid on his former girlfriend who later died of the injuries, he will serve 25 years in jail.

Steven Muhingo, alias Masumu, was convicted by Justice Masalu Musene of the High Court after pleading guilty to the count of murder.

“…it was not necessary to pour acid on her despite the small grudges you had. You would have recalled the good old days you had with her,” Justice Musene said as he castigated Muhingo whom he described as a cold-blooded killer.

“Whoever takes someone else’s life needs a strong punishment to deter would-be offenders in society. If you had denied the case, you would have received life imprisonment. This court, therefore, sentences you to 25 years in jail,” the judge ruled.

The case
During the trial, prosecution stated that on June 10, 2012, at around 10pm at Amazon Zone in Makindye Division, Kampala, the deceased Edith Mbabazi, was with her sister Hope Kenyena as they walked with a friend.
Ms Kenyena stopped at the gate of their residence while the deceased proceeded with the visitor outside. Before Kenyena entered the house, she heard Mbabazi screaming and calling for help, saying Muhingo had poured acid on her head.

Kenyena rushed out and found Muhingo and another man standing around Mbabazi. She said upon seeing her, the two men ran away.

Other people who were attracted by the deceased’s screams came and took her to Nsambya hospital while she kept murmuring that it was Muhingo who had poured acid on her. Mbabazi succumbed to the acid injuries eight hours later.

Meanwhile, another High Court session before Justice Elizabeth Kabanda, has remanded a 45-year-old man to Luzira prison on charges of defiling his nine-year-old daughter well knowing he is HIV-positive.

Justice Kabanda read to Denis Ssebugwawo a charge of aggravated defilement. He denied the charge.
The case against Mr Ssebugwawo, a resident of Kinawa Zone in Wakiso District, comes at a time when the same court remanded Muhammed Sseggwanga Balikyewunya, also HIV-positive, to Luzira prison on charges of impregnating his 15-year-old daughter he fathered with his sister.

Ssebugwawo’s former landlady Hadijah Nakwelo, testified before court that the girl reported the incident to her. She said the girl was filled with fear because the father had threatened to harm her if she revealed their affair to anyone.

“A day before the dreadful incident, I saw Mr Ssebugwawo take his wife and other children to the village, but returned with the nine-year-old daughter in the night.

The following morning, I saw the girl walking around the compound with difficulty. When I questioned her, she whispered that her father was in the house and refused her to talk about what had happened. But later when he (Ssebugwawo) left the house, the girl said he had had sex with her,” Ms Nakwelo testified.
Ms Nakwelo further testified when she went to report the matter to the local council secretary for women in Kinawa Zone, the accused followed her there and openly confirmed having committed the offence before pledging to pay for treatment of the victim.
Court adjourned the hearing to March 29.