Man remanded for human trafficking, forgery

Thursday September 19 2019



Court in Mbale District has remanded one Steven Kuremu to Maluku prison for allegedly trafficking Christine Nambereke to Oman where she died from a few months later under unclear circumstances.

The Mbale Grade One magistrate, Ms Dorcas Zoka on Wednesday charged Kuremu with aggravated human trafficking and forgery before remanding him until September 24.

Prosecution contends that Kurema trafficked Nambereke to Oman through Lwakhakha in Manafwa District to Kenya, before proceeding to Oman from where she died on March 10, 2019.

Her body was returned and buried in Laaso village, Bumbo town council in Namisindwa District.

Mr Charles Twine, the spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, said they have enough evidence to prosecute the suspect.

“The case of Steven Kuremu appearing in the courts of law after being sanctioned means that the evidence we have collected is enough to prosecute him. We will not sit and watch as Ugandans die in the hands of human traffickers. We are ready to swing in action to arrest, prosecute, name and shame them,” he said.


Ms Marriam Mwiza, the Executive Director of Over Seas Workers Voice Uganda (OWVU), an association formed to fight for the rights of Ugandans working overseas said they were happy the suspect had been charged and remanded.

“It’s difficult for human traffickers to appear in the courts of law. Even this case has taken long but we are happy that finally he has been charged,” she said.

Ms Mwiza claimed that the suspect has more other women he has taken to Oman illegally through Lwakhakha border and are currently stranded.

“We request the government to help and rescue the stranded girls because most of them are ill and they need medical attention. Police should also intensify security at the Lwakhakha border, which has be identified as the easiest route to Kenya by traffickers,” she said.

The Namisindwa Resident District Commissioner, Mr Moses Wamoto Kigai, pledged to strengthen security at the porous Lwakhakha border.

“I urge residents to cooperate with security so that the human traffickers are arrested and prosecuted,” he said.