Man’s head cut off over ‘witchcraft’

Tuesday March 26 2013

By Fred Muzaale

Police in Kayunga District are hunting for a group of residents in Tangoye Village over allegedly beheading of their colleague, whom they accused of being a witch.

The district's officer in-charge of investigations, Mr Gally Turyatunga, said Siraje Kayondo was attacked on Saturday evening at about 7pm as he returned from his garden with a friend.

He said the farmer was waylaid by a machete-wielding group and tied up before he was beheaded.

“After cutting off his head, they threw it in a nearby bush and ran away, leaving the body on the roadside,” the police said, adding that his friend was not touched.

In January this year, Kayondo’s house was razed by residents who accused him of using witchcraft to kill two residents.

He managed to flee with his family and took refuge in Kayunga Town but ‘stealthily’ went to the village to till his garden.
The CID chief said a number of residents believed to have destroyed the house were arrested and arraigned before court where they were charged with malicious damage of property.