‘Mental illness rising in Rwenzori region’

Tuesday November 29 2016

By Scovia Atuhaire

Kabarole- Medical practitioners have observed a high prevalence rate of mental illness in the Rwenzori sub-region.

The principal clinical officer in charge of Mental Health Unit at Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital, Mr Martin Ibanda, cites depression, at 41 per cent of the reported cases, as the lead cause of mental illness in the sub-region.

“Forty one per cent of our patients have depression, 38 per cent have epilepsy, alcohol and drug abuse contribute to 15 per cent of the patients and 8 per cent HIV/Aids related mental illnesses,” Mr Ibanda said last Thursday during the belated district World Mental Health Day celebrations in Fort Portal.

Mental Health Day
The day is globally marked on October 10 to promote mental health education, create awareness and advocacy.

This year’s theme was; “Dignity in mental health – psychological and mental health first aid for all”. The director Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training Institute, Dr Pascal Kabura, said the government has neglected mental health.

“The biggest challenge we have in our country is that we lack proper mental health management,” he said.