Minister Anite runs to religious leaders for divine protection

Friday August 23 2019

Ms Evelyne Anite shakes hands with the Bishop

Ms Evelyne Anite shakes hands with the Bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese, Rt Rev Charles Collins Andaku during the prayers on Friday at Koboko Boma grounds. PHOTO BY FELIX WAROM OKELLO 

By Felix Warom Okello

Religious leaders from different denominations in Koboko District and surrounding areas on Friday gathered at Koboko Boma Grounds to pray for the State Minister for Investment, Ms Evelyne Anite, as she sought divine protection against the mafia who she alleges want her dead.

Ms Anite, who is also the Koboko Municipality MP, on Monday organised a press conference in Kampala where she expressed fears over mafia whom she said are after her life. Though she did not give any names, Ms Anite said they are connected to President Museveni.

For that reason, Koboko District leaders on Friday decided to hold a joint prayer session for the minister pleading for God’s divine protection.

During the prayers, the Mayor for Koboko Municipality, Mr Wilson Sanya, said: "We are gathered here to demonstrate not on streets with cards but to God peacefully with Bibles and the Koran. We chose this option of seeking for prayers to fight the evil. The dear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

Minister Anite said: "We cannot do without the Lord in our lives and heart. As a young girl, my parents made sure I go to Sunday school, Scripture Union and received the Lord. Many people think that politicians do not go to church. But you must testify to God to defeat the devil."

Ms Anite waves to the congregation as she
Ms Anite waves to the congregation as she enters the Koboko Boma grounds for prayers on Friday.


She said the challenges she is facing are occupational hazards which started in 2016. "It is the fight against corruption and I call them mafia because they are robbing taxpayers and enriching themselves. When I chose the path to fight the corrupt, I chose the path to walk through fire," she said.

"On the case of UTL, the money belongs to government of Uganda because the President entrusted me to be Minister of Investment and I needed to monitor the money. But it is not easy to find out because the mafia is evil and wanted to rob Uganda six months ago," she added.

On Tuesday, MPs from West Nile region held a press conference where they expressed their concerns over Ms Anite’s worries. They said they do not take the threats to Anite lightly, following the mysterious deaths of Col Ibrahim Abiriga, Gard Wilson Toko and Francis Ayume.

The death reports for the former leaders who died in various ways ranging from accidents to gunshots have remained undisclosed as investigations in some have remained incomplete.