Minister admits rival factions in NRM party, says he belongs to Museveni's

Saturday October 11 2014



The State Minister for Investment and Arua Municipality MP, Dr Gabriel Aridru Ajedra, has admitted there are rival camps within the ruling NRM party and declared that he belongs only to the group headed by President Museveni.

“Don’t attempt to place me in a camp which I don’t belong to. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you. And the person feeding me now is Museveni. And time for politics is coming next year,” he said yesterday.

Mbabazi dismissal
The sacking of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi on September 18 has since struck cracks in the NRM party.

Earlier this year, a section of NRM MPs resolved to have President Museveni as their party sole candidate in 2016.

There is also growing suspicion among the party faithful on who belongs to Mr Mbabazi or Mr Museveni. Mr Mbabazi has not declared that he wants to stand for president but the speculation is growing.


Dr Aridru called on the people to work for development of the district and forget party politics.
Meanwhile in Adjumani, the leaders encouraged residents to reconcile with South Sudanese refugees to have harmonious co-existence.

Ms Agnes Akello, the Adjumani resident district commissioner, said the locals should embrace agriculture and learn to co-exist with refugees to foster development.

Ms Jessica Ababiku, the Adjumani Woman MP, said: “People from this part of the country have equally contributed to the attainment of our independence. Let us guard generously the freedom we have.”