Miss Uganda-UK in anti-child sacrifice drive

Wednesday January 16 2013

By Sam Lawino

The Miss Uganda - UK chapter, Gladys Kyatungire, has asked the youth in Gulu District to boost vigilance and act like spiritual soldiers to fight child sacrifice which is “tearing the community apart”.

Ms Kyatungire, who was addressing the youth at Gulu University during an International Business Campaign against Child Sacrifice, observed that the evil of child sacrifice should not only be fought by the police and other agencies but all entities.

As a survivor of child sacrifice herself, Ms Kyatungire observed on Monday that she had been inspired to become a role model as a “voice for the voiceless”.

“I’m here as the voice for the children. Together we shall kick the vice out of our own communities,” she added. The beauty queen who was in her tour of the countryside, indicated that already many children had lost lives to child sacrifice.

Ms Kyatungire, in another development, advised the youth to embrace petty business enterprises and take agriculture seriously.

“It is my passion to see a better Uganda. Challenges faced by graduates should be seen as normal circumstances that can come to an end when we fight for our space,” she said.