Mob undresses 10 people over indecent exposure

Wednesday February 26 2014



Mobs claiming to be helping the police in Iganga District to enforce the Anti-Pornography Law, have in the last one week undressed at least 10 people for alleged indecent dressing.

Eight of the victims were women who were accused of wearing miniskirts while two were young men in their early 20s accused of wearing their trousers in the “balance” style, a fashion common among the youth where trousers are worn below the waist, often leaving underpants and the buttocks exposed.

The Iganga officer in-charge of the criminal investigations department, Mr Mathew Ottu, told this newspaper that the women were undressed in separate locations in Iganga Town, Busembatia Town Council and Nakalama Trading Centre. Boda boda cyclists are said to be at the lead of mobs that have taken to undressing people.

On Sunday, police’s efforts to save an unidentified woman from a mob that attacked her on Sazza Road proved futile. By the time the Force arrived, she had already been undressed, but some Good Samaritans assisted her with a wrapper before she was taken to the police station for safe custody.

“We shall not allow women to pass on the road with skimpy dresses. Undressing them in public is the only way to stop them because when we hand them over to the police it will release them,” a boda boda cyclist, who preferred not to be named, told this newspaper on Monday.


Mr Ottu has, however, vowed to arrest those who undressing people, saying that the police does not need the help of the citizenry in enforcing this particular law. “What they are doing is unlawful,” he said, adding that people who are indecently dressed should be handed over to the police.

Harassment of people deemed to be dressed indecently started in Iganga last week, a day after Integrity Minister, Fr Simon Lokodo, announced that President Museveni had assented to the Anti-Pornography Law.