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More students fail accounting exams

Wednesday July 8 2015


Kampala. The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) results released on Monday indicate that the average pass mark for the Certified Public Accountants examination of June 2015 declined to 36.2 per cent from 42.1 per cent last November.
This is the second time in a row that the average pass has continued to decline. In the June 2014 exams, the average pass rate was 46 per cent.
The June 2015 ICPAU results show that 233 of 5,313 candidates passed to become Certified Public Accountants of Uganda.
Last November, 192 of 5,259 candidates that sat for CPA exams at various stages completed and passed.
The pass mark from all the 18 papers that the institute teaches for one to qualify as a Certified Public Accountants of Uganda is 50 per cent.
Mr John Bosco Ntangaare, the examination manager at ICPAU, said if one fails to get 50 in a subject, one has to repeat the paper until one gets the required pass mark.
“The average pass rate has dropped because students want to approach the course from the academic point of view where they cram subjects to pass like they are cramming Senior Four, Senior Six or even university courses. But this is a course which requires students to apply skills and knowledge to pass it,” Mr Ntangaare said.
The results also show that arithmetic subjects such as Financial Reporting, Management Decision and Control were not done well. For instance, in Financial Accounting, out of 1,274 students that sat for the paper, 469 passed.
Students performed well in Principals of Accounting Two, Economic and Business Mathematic/Statistics.
The chief executive officer of ICPAU, Mr Derick Nkajja, attributed the poor performance on students’ failure to cover the entire syllabus and resorting to selective reading as well as the inability to translate the knowledge in applicable case scenarios.
“Good financial reporting by accountants plays a key role in the country’s economic growth and development based on the books of accounts provided, so the accountants must take these courses very seriously,” he said.

The numbers

Number of students who passed Financial Accounting, out of the 1,274 students who sat for the paper.