Mourners pay tribute as maths icon is laid to rest

Thursday January 10 2019

Ms Akiiki Jemimah Timanywa (centre) lays a

Ms Akiiki Jemimah Timanywa (centre) lays a wreath on the casket containing the body of her son-in-law during his burial in Kyapotani Cell in Kakoba Division, Mbarara municipality, on Tuesday. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA.  


Mbarara- Stephen Twinoburyo, the Ugandan Mathematician who died in Pretoria, South Africa, on January 1, was on Tuesday laid to rest in Kyapotani Cell in Kakoba Division, Mbarara municipality.

Although the deceased reportedly died of heart and chest pain, the widow, Dr Jennifer Mirembe, told mourners that Twinoburyo was in 2014 poisoned and nearly died.

He was treated and ostensibly recovered.
She added that Twinoburyo developed chest pain in 2017.
Dr Mirembe said her husband, whom she met in 2006, loved their three children so much.

“He liked the children so much; he would take them to very expensive restaurants, buy them expensive clothes and would say: ‘when you are alive, live your life to the fullest’,” Dr Mirembe said.

She added that Twinoburyo had been teaching his children and would cover some of the content for the classes ahead.

Dr Mirembe’s mother, Ms Akiiki Jemimah Timanywa, who stayed with Twinoburyo in South Africa for 15 years, said: “He was a real magnet, he attracted friends from all walks of life.”

Ms Peace Kyotungire, the deceased’s step-mother, said he loved his siblings.
“He taught his young brothers mathematics and all the three who offered the subject at A-Level passed it with A. Although we had our misunderstandings in the family, Stephen was the voice of reason. Others would easily lose their cool,” Ms Kyotungire said.

Mr Yasin Isaac Kasumba, who grew up with the deceased in Kakoba and studied with him at Ntare School, and Mr Philip Kakuru, who lived with Twinoburyo in South African, said the deceased was smart and was a good leader.

“He would actually tell you ‘I am smart.’ He was ever happy, a person you would call for any cause. He was an orator and very analytical. We have lost a good man, we have lost a good leader; he lived what he believed,” Mr Kakuru said.

Twinoburyo was head prefect at Ntare School, chairperson of Lumumba Hall at Makerere University and the leader of Uganda Professionals Living in South Africa.

He taught Mathematics at the University of Pretoria, founded a mathematics centre called Scimatics Solutions in Pretoria.

By the time of his death, he was planning to establish a similar centre in Uganda.