Mubende leaders demand better facilities for new sub-counties

Thursday February 14 2019


Mubende District leaders have expressed concern over lack of basic facilities in the newly created administrative units in the area.

In the last two years, government has created districts, sub-counties and town councils. In Mubende, Lubimbiri Sub-county and Nabingoola Town Council were carved out of Nabingoola Sub-county while Kayebe and Kalonga were created from Kitenga Sub-county.

Kiruuma Sub-county was created out of Butoloogo Sub- county while Kasambya Sub-county was also split to create Kasambya Town Council.

According to Mr Edward Gamba, the chairperson Kitenga Sub-county, many of the new administrative units lack basic facilities such as pit-latrines, offices and furniture.

“Take the example of Kayebe Sub-county; it has a chief, community development officers, parish chiefs and other staff who are mandated to offer services to the communities. But it is a pity that the headquarters are located in a space with no building. Worse still, not even a pit-latrine has been constructed at the site,” he said during an interview on Tuesday.

According to Mr Gamba although the new administrative units are aimed at bringing services nearer to the people and fostering development, many have of late been created on political grounds and end up not benefitting residents.

Appeal for start-up fund
“We, therefore, appeal to government to offer us a start-up fund to enable us construct an administration block and staff quarters so that we can be able to run the day-to-day activities,” he said.
Mr Joseph Kakooza, the Buwekula County MP, advised staff posted to the new units to erect makeshift houses or mud and wattle houses where they can operate from.

“Considering the way government operates, it might take those people years to get financial assistance to construct offices. Let them put up makeshift structures as they wait for the government to construct permanent offices,” he said.
Ms Evelyn Kizza Tinkamalirwa, the deputy resident district commissioner, said the challenges faced by the new sub- counties will be solved once government secures funds.

“We should appreciate that the intention of creating the sub-counties is good and government will soon avail them money to set up the structures and other facilities,” he said.
Ms Tinkamalirwe also asked residents to desist from evading local taxes, saying such money is used to run the sub-counties and town councils.

Mr Keith Muhakanizi, the Secretary to the Treasury, has on several occasions warned that creation of new administrative units is exerting pressure on the national resource envelope.

According to Mr Muhakanizi, given the commitments government has undertaken in infrastructure development, the National Budget can no longer accommodate the additional expenditure arising out of the new administrative units. By 2021, it is estimated that there will be 602 new sub-counties and more than 2,000 and 7,000 new parishes and villages, respectively.