Mukwano empire at a glance

Friday July 12 2019

Shopping area. Mukwano Mall is also another

Shopping area. Mukwano Mall is also another structure owned by Mukwano Group of Companies. Photo by Rachel Mabala 


The deceased business man Amirali Karmali, alias Mukwano’ s wealth, stretched from real estate, industries to agricultural investments.
The Mukwano industries are categorised into three divisions that is laundry soap, beverages and oil and fat processing.
Daily Monitor looks at some of the properties, which even in his death, immortalise Mukwano’s towering feat.

The Mukwano Arcades
In Kampala City’s shopping malls, the arcades stand tall for their renowned bee-hive of business activities which has made them potential business magnets for city traders.
The first arcade, which is located on Ben Kiwanuka Street, overlooks the Old Taxi Park, has multiple shops dealing in majorly clothes.
The second arcade, which is located on Kyaggwe Road and Rashid Khamis Road, overlooks Kiseka market. It houses various businesses and offices.

Acacia Mall
This swanky shopping mall is located in upscale Kololo, housing various top-of-the-range businesses and offices. Its architectural designs has given the city a new outlook.

Mukwano Courts
It is located on Plot 13, Buganda Road opposite Hotel Triangle, overlooking the Central Police Station (CPS) and Constitution Square.

Building on Luwum Street and Ben Kiwanuka Street
The Luwum Street building is adjacent to Zai Plaza arcade while the one on Ben Kiwanuka Street is opposite Total fuel station, Arua Park.

Aqua Sipi building
Located on Eighth Street, Industrial Area, this building houses the manufacturing unit of Aqua Sipi mineral water.

AK Plastics Ltd
Located on Plot 7, Old Port Bell Road, this company deals in the manufacture of plastic products and corrugated items.

Mukwano Personal Care Products
This company is located on Mukwano Road and deals in liquid and powder detergents, laundry and toilet soaps and other hygiene products.

AK Transporters Ltd
It is on Plot 30, Mukwano Road and deals in road and transport services. AKTL facilitates an accomplished supply chain that ensures timely delivery of our products to the market.

AK Oils and Fats (U) Ltd
The oil-processing factory for agricultural produce in Lira Municipality employs at least 70,000 rural smallholder farmers in Lira District.
It also has a subsidiary in Kiryandongo District, Bunyoro Sub-region.

Tea Factories
Located in Buzirasanga in Kabarole District, the factories deal in processing Mukwano tea products.

What they say........

Farouq Fuod, former Employee Mukwano Industries. He has done a lot for Uganda by building schools, mosques in Fort Portal and Kampala. During Eid cerebrations, he served milk and bread in hospitals.

Patience Kananura, Tea packer at Rwenzori Tea.
We were not employees at Rwenzori Tea, one of Mukwano factories, but as his children, as long as you were a woman, he had a lot of care.


Martin Kambale, Gardener at Mukwano Industries. He has been my father and employer since 1993. I have worked as a gardener for 35 years and married a wife and got children.

Vincent Bakaluba, Mechanic at Rwenzori Tea. I worked with Mukwano for 23 years and his name is not farfetched. He was a friend to people. I dropped out of school in Primary Seven but he paid my tuition.

Deogratius Kimera, Head of drivers at Mukwano Group. You can never find a boss like Mukwano. Whenever I would sack drivers, he would call them back to work. This man was a special parent.