Mumbere free to seek temporary relaxation of bail terms- Judiciary

Wednesday June 12 2019

Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere with his

Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere with his wife Queen Agnes Ithungu at Jinja High Court on September 10, 2018. PHOTO BY TAUSI NAKATO  


The Rwenzururu King, Charles Mumbere is at liberty to apply for temporary relaxation of his bail conditions to allow him attend the funeral of his mother, Christine Mukirania, the judiciary spokesperson, Solomon Muyita has revealed.

Mukirania died on Tuesday morning at Kilembe Mines Hospital aged 85. Although the cause of death is not yet established, Mukirania has been battling diabetic complications that saw her leg amputated at Case Hospital in March 2019.

The death of the Omusinga Mumbere’s mother comes at a time when his movements are restricted to Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja Districts. This is one of the bail conditions imposed on the Omusinga who is battling more than 41 charges including terrorism, murder and aggravated robbery among others that were slapped against him and 203 royal guards three years ago.

Omusinga Mumbere and his royal guards were picked during a military raid on his palace in 2016. And has since been confined pending the disposal of the charges against him. The Mr Muyita, says Mumbere has the liberty to apply to high court to relax his bail terms.

He explains that Mumbere can convince court to allow him sometime to mourn his mother since it has the powers to relax the bail conditions.
On Wednesday morning, Omusinga Mumbere’s lawyers were working around the clock to file an application before the International Crimes Division to have his bail conditions relaxed.
However, the Rwenzururu Attorney General, Alfred Makasi who is also Mumbere’s lawyer, on Tuesday said culturally, Mumbere is exempted from burying.
He said even if the bail conditions are relaxed, Omusinga Mumbere can’t attend the funeral of his mother just like the case was when his late father, Isaya Mukirania died.

Mumbere has previously applied to court to relax his bail conditions to allow him travel to different areas including his kingdom. The application is before the International Crimes Division pending hearing.