Muntu takes new party to Mbarara

Saturday August 24 2019

Speaking out. Maj Gen  Mugisha Muntu (centre)

Speaking out. Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu (centre) after opening the Alliance for National Transformation Ankole sub-region office in Mbarara District on Thursday. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA  


The national coordinator for Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party, Maj Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu, has asked party members not to aim at only getting into government but also be care about how best to manage it and guard against collapse from poor governance.

“Everybody is yearning for change; you should know that it is coming, every person who is following what is going on in the country sees that change will happen. This country will see change in a way of one government leaving and another come in,” Gen Muntu said on Thursday.

He added: “….for us in the Alliance, we want to look beyond change of government because we are not going to be the first to be in government; others have been in government in 1960s,70s,80s and those who have spent 33 years now. Being in government isn’t an end in itself, it’s a starting point.”
Gen Muntu was speaking at the induction of ANT interim district leaders from Ankole Sub-region at Mbarara Catholic Social Centre.

He said the party values of godliness, respect and dignity, accountability and zero tolerance for corruption; time management, commitment, hard work and dedication, gender and equity, and conflict resolution will enable them manage better when they win power.
“If in Alliance we don’t understand that (looking beyond change of government) and work for it, yes, we shall be in government but we shall slip and fall like those that have been in government in the past 57 years,” Gen Muntu said.

The ANT leader emphasised establishment of structures at all levels throughout the country, and identifying people to compete for political leadership positions in local governments and national level.

He also urged leaders to avoid individual cult in the party, saying they should serve people’s interests once they get into power. “For us not to slide and fall we shall do the right things that touch people’s hearts and they get happiness, which they have never got in the last 57 years (of Uganda’s independence). And they don’t get happiness because it is this one leader or the other, no; we have to establish a foundation to ensure that any leader that comes on top achieves what people want,” Gen Muntu said.


He added: “We are not going to build this party on one person, we have to build the party on the foundation of the values to ensure that what we say is what we do without clashing.”
ANT party was unveiled on May 22.