Museveni asks Bashir to attract Arab investors to Uganda

Monday November 13 2017

President Museveni (R) and his Sudanese

President Museveni (R) and his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir (L) at State House on November 13, 2017. PPU PHOTO 


President Yoweri Museveni says he has asked his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir to convince Arab investors to invest in Uganda.
“I am glad to host Comrade Field Marshall Omar El-Bashir for a two-day official visit to Uganda. H.E. Bashir is here on my invitation. I have also asked H.E. Bashir to help us court more Arab investors. In that light, he has offered to host a Uganda-Arab Investment Summit in Khartoum. I will attend the summit to encourage more investors to come to Uganda,” he said.

Mr Museveni was speaking shortly after receiving President Bashir who arrived in the country on Monday for a two-day visit.
“We have held discussions on how to strengthen bilateral relations between our countries. We have held discussions and agreed to cooperate more in the fields of trade, foreign affairs and regional security. Uganda will export more tea and coffee to Sudan. A joint ministerial team will follow up to actualise this,” Mr Museveni said.
President Bashir was in Uganda in May last year to attend President Museveni’s fifth swearing-in ceremony.
Since 2015, the two leaders have been trying to patch the on-and-off relations between the two governments.

President Bashir is wanted by the Hague-based international Criminal Court (ICC) on two counts of crimes against humanity and genocide.
The court issued double warrants for him in 2009 and 2010 on two counts of crimes against humanity and genocide where more than 300,000 deaths were recorded in Sudan’s Darfur region. Copies of the warrants were served to his government.

ICC handles four major international crimes of aggression, war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.
Top on agenda during his visit, is the South Sudan peace process and bilateral discussions with his host on a number of areas of cooperation between Sudan and Uganda.