Museveni asks CEC to let Kigongo contest unopposed

Saturday August 08 2020

President Museveni is trying to convince the members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) to vet Al-Mr Moses Kigongo, unopposed for the position of first national vice chairperson of the party, Sunday Monitor has learnt.

CEC will vet Mr Museveni for the position of national chairperson and presidential flag bearer where he is a sole candidate and in the same meeting, all cadres contesting for the positions of first national chairperson, second national vice chairperson (female) and the six regional vice chairpersons will be vetted ahead of the delegates conference that is expected to vote them by district resolution later this month.

“The chairman was trying to convince us to let his first national vice chairperson to go unopposed like him. But we all said that will be discussed during the vetting of the candidates on August 11,” the source said.
Building his case, Mr Museveni, reportedly hinted on the names of two of Kigongo’s competitors saying they are not fit for the position.

Kigongo is facing competition from Capt Francis Babu, businessman Hakeen Asiimwe Lukenge and, Mr Kefa Mafumo, a presidential aide in charge of the youth
The President is quoted as saying: “why can’t you let Kigongo go unopposed and let the other positions be competed for? Imagine this man from Mbarara, Hakeem is a conman. There is also this young man Kefa, who is he?”

Government chief whip, Ms Ruth Nankabirwa, responded; “Your Excellency, Kefa is your staff here in State House,” something which prompted Mr Museveni to ask his Political Assistant, Mr David Mafabi, to tell what he does.

This newspaper has learnt that majority of the CEC members are opposed to Mr Kigongo going unopposed when members of the party were nominated and have been campaigning across the country.


The CEC also approved a number of guidelines that will be followed while conducting the primary elections and the national delegates’ conference without breaching the Covid-19 prevention guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Sources revealed that despite opposition from Mr Gabriel Kato, the chairperson of People with Disabilities League, the meeting voted in favour of voting for the CEC positions by signing of the resolution by members of district conferences.

The CEC meeting also rejected a proposal by Ms Nankabirwa and East African Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafiire to have nominations for the aspirants seeking NRM flag for MP seats done at the district level.