Museveni government should come to an end - Chameleone

Wednesday July 17 2019

Police arrest singer Joseph Mayanja, aka Jose

Police arrest singer Joseph Mayanja, aka Jose Chameleone (with tie), shortly after he addressed journalists at the Democratic Party offices in Kampala on July 16, 2019. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi 

By James Kabengwa & Shabiba Nakirigya

Artiste Joseph Mayanja, aka Jose Chameleone, has said time is now to dislodge President Museveni’s regime which he said is full of deception.
“The regime has denied us power. We must be together and avoid mediocrity if we are to achieve the change we want,” Mr Mayanja told the media briefing at the Democratic Party (DP) headquarters in Kampala yesterday.
After his media briefing, the police picked him up as he stepped out and drove him to his home.
The conference was attended by Abed Bwanika, Micheal Mabikke, John Mary Ssebuwuufu, and DP spokesperson Kenneth Kakande.
“We must be unified, I am standing here as a Ugandan who wishes to see a better nation, we want to achieve for the nation, not our bellies. Museveni’s government should come to an end. It has run out of ideas, lost a point,” he said. He then declared a full blown campaign that starts today with an anticipated mass registration at Katwe where he pledged Shs.1m to buy tickets for the first 500 enthusiasts who will join DP.
He said the country was messed up country with all sectors broken down, adding that Ugandans must be hopeful because a brighter future lies a head.
“I am not here for popularity. I have seen it all and got fed up. I just want to get rid of the bad rulers. Museveni’s government should come to an end with all the people he is serving with. Let them surrender power to us so we rediscover ourselves, our nation,” Mr Mayanja said.
But the deputy director at the Media Centre, Col Shaban Bantariza, scoffed at Chameleone’s statements, saying it had no political value.
“President Museveni will not be removed from power given to him by Ugandan masses because wishful thinking, gymics and katemba,” Mr Bantariza told Daily Monitor.
ndered why leaders who have travelled globally have failed to copy the good things at international standards.
“We should all be useful in nation building, if I were an NRM (member), I would not be the first (to defect). Many have shunned NRM to opposition. Just look for the good in me,” Chameleon said.
He warned his critiques in the opposition saying the “I know you very well and I may hit you with a music composition that will expose you”. Last month Mukjono municipality MP Betty Nambooze said Chameleon was inconsistent.
He said that at the age of 18 years his mother asked him to be patient when he had started running away from home to attend music concerts.
“I adopted the name Chameleon when my mother asked me to adopt its behavious of patience but sure about its aim. Since then I becamepopular as a Chameleon at home,” Chameleon said.
He said that what hurts the common man affects him as well and that although people may feel he is doing well he shares their plight.
He said that prior to joing politics, he consulted his parents and they embraced his idea.
He dismissed suggestions that he is a state spy planted with DP by the regime branding the perpetrators of such thinking as ‘timid politicians who have expired”.
“They go ranting on social media and want to influence everyone. They call us anything but we are here to make things right because they neglected us for a long time” Chameleon charged.
He clarified that Bobi Wine is “my true brother and anyone saying we have a rift is not informed. I met him yesterday and we had a good discussion only the he blamed me on delaying to tell him about my political ambitions. But we are moving together.”
But deputy director at the Media Centre Col. Shaban Bantariza scorned everything said by Chameleon saying that his statements had no political value.
“President Museveni will not be removed from power, given to him by Ugandan Masses through wishful thinking, gymics and katemba” Bantariza told Daily Monitor vias SMS.