Museveni promotes 1,300 UPDF officers

Sunday November 16 2014


Kampala- More than 1,300 army officers have been promoted to various ranks in a major promotion by President Museveni yesterday.

Among those promoted are four Colonels, who were promoted to the rank of Brigadier and 33 Lieutenant Colonels are now Colonels.

Four Colonels, Innocent Oula, George Igumba, Geoffrey Katsigazi and Tom Tumuhairwe, were promoted to Brigadier Generals. Col Oula replaced exiled Gen David Sejusa as the army representative in Parliament last year.
The army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, said this was the biggest number of army officers to be promoted in many years.

He dismissed reports that some officers are fast-tracked while others remain on the same rank for long even when they have all the prerequisites for a promotion.

“We have come a long way in standardising our promotions. We have a policy and administrative committee that professionally takes care of the process. It is normally indiscipline or lack of prerequisites that some officers are not promoted,” he said.

In other categories, three acting Colonels were confirmed to the rank of Colonel, 13 acting Lieutenant Colonels were confirmed to Lieutenant Colonels and 84 Majors were promoted to Lieutenant Colonels.

Other eight acting Majors were confirmed as Majors, 206 Captains were promoted to Majors, five acting Captains were confirmed as Captains and 624 Lieutenants promoted to Captains.

The Public Relations Officer of Air Force, Captain Tabaro Kiconco, was promoted to Major.

At least 386 officers from the probation rank of Second Lieutenants were confirmed Lieutenants and six non-commissioned officers were commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

A statement issued by the army said: “The promotion is in line with professionalisation of the UPDF. The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, congratulates all those promoted and wishes them good performance in their new ranks.”

A total of 1,372 officers were promoted, according to the army statement.