NCDC adopts businessman Ham Kiggundu’s book for schools

Thursday June 13 2019

Ham Kiggundu holding his book

Ham Kiggundu holding his book 

By Damali Mukhaye

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), has adopted businessman Hamis Kiggundu’s book for for secondary schools.
Addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday while handing over a certificate of recognition to Mr Kigunddu, NCDC director, Ms Grace Baguma, said after reviewing and evaluating his book titled Success and Failures Based on Reason and Reality, they found it relevant to be adopted in Uganda’s curriculum to inspire students into investing.
She said many rich businessmen in the country are selfish because they have never documented their success stories on how they have made it in life.
Ms Baguma said Mr Kiggundu’s book will help to inspire and change the mindset of students right from the grassroots on how to save and invest.
“We evaluated this book and found it useful to our children since it cuts across all the subjects. All schools should adopt it since it is an inspirational material that would inspire students right from Senior One to be business-minded,” Ms Baguma said.
Before any book is adopted into the national curriculum, it has to go through evaluation processes by NCDC, which involve reviewing for language, relevance and message, among others.
Ms Angela Kyagaba, a senior curriculum specialist, said they have adopted a number of books written by foreigners and, therefore, it is time they adopted books written by Ugandans. She urged Ugandans to start writing to inspire fellow citizens.

About the book

In the book, Mr Kiguddu argues that many Ugandans are poor because they envy the rich and majority of them are saving but not investing because they fear risks.
He highlights the fear of investing as a stumbling block to wealth.
The 16-chapter book also castigates the country’s education system as another factor that has barred majority of Ugandans, especially fresh graduates, from becoming rich because it is outdated.
He also explains the sources of his money since he has been attacked by the public several times, with claims that powerful people in government have a hand in his success. Mr Kiggundu’s latest projects include the controversial demolishion of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium to pave way for redevelopment.