NGOs hit back at Museveni remarks

Friday December 14 2012

By Yasiin Mugerwa

society organisations named in President Museveni’s address to MPs yesterday said they would not be intimidated. The NGOs were responding to Mr Museveni’s statement in Parliament in which he accused them of undermining the country’s interests to appease foreign interests and funders.

“The President should know that we get funding from the same donors who fund his government,” Mr Godber Tumushabe, the executive director of the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (Acode) told Daily Monitor.

“By asking the [Inspector General of Government] to investigate us, he is trying to divert Ugandans from the lack of transparency in the oil sector. Our work is motivated by the love for our country and the President cannot stop us from talking.”

Mr Dickens Kamugisha, the executive director of Africa Institute for Energy Governance, an NGO advocating for energy enforcement policies, said: “President Museveni needs to be reminded that Uganda is not his family. We have our right to demand accountability from him because he is occupying a public office.”

“President Museveni is trying to divert us. We want the right oil laws in place. His ministers are suspects and cannot be trusted with public funds. The President should know that the same donors who suspended aid to his government because of corruption are the same donors funding us,” Mr Kamugisha said.