NRM’s Igeme kicked out of Parliament

Friday January 12 2018

Nathan Igeme Nabeta

Nathan Igeme Nabeta 


Mr Nathan Igeme Nabeta has ceased being an MP for Jinja East Constituency after Court of Appeal in Kampala declared the seat vacant and ordered fresh elections.

Three justices including former deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma, Richard Buteera and Paul Mugamba on Friday annulled Mr Nabeta’s victory on grounds of falsification of election results.

In their ruling, the judges declined to declare MR Nabeta's political rival, Mr Paul Mwiru of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as MP on grounds that they could not use wrong results to determine the winner of an election.

In their ruling, the justices partially faulted Hig Hcourt judge Lydia Mugambe for declaring Paul Mwiru as MP for Jinja East Constituency on July 18, 2016.

In the ruling read by deputy registrar Taddeo Asiimwe, the justices also faulted EC for not observing the rules laws during the election.

Mr Mwiru contested Nabeta's victory on grounds that he connived with the EC to alter results at Danida A-D polling station which put him (Nabeta) at an advantage in the February 2016 elections.

The Court also ordered Nabeta and EC to pay costs to Mwiru for both the Court of Appeal and in the High Court.