NRM delegates accuse Lumumba of pocketing their allowances

Saturday January 25 2020

Delegates of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, who are meeting at Namboole,  Saturday booed their  Secretary General, Ms Kasule Lumumba forcing her to cut shot her speech.

Ms Lumumba was accused of allegedly pocketing money that was meant to facilitate delegates at their meeting in Namboole.

Daily Monitor has learnt that each delegate was entitled to Shs1, 000,000 as facilitation but they were instead given Shs600,000.

The delegates claim they were treated like dogs and left to sleep in the cold at Kololo Independence Grounds.

The president calmed the storm when he asked four delegate to meet him privately and explain their grievances.

The outcome of the meeting is not yet known.


Mr Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman (2nd L), a presidential advisor, arrives at Namboole with his team. NBS TV video grab