NWSC sets deadline for Ggaba water works

Monday April 18 2016

NWSC managing director Silver Mugisha talks to

NWSC managing director Silver Mugisha talks to the Ggaba water works project cordinator George Mathieu in Ggaba, Kampala. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE 

By Stephen Otage


National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has ordered Sogea Satom, the company constructing new water pumps at Ggaba water works, to complete the project by end of April.

While inspecting the works at the site on Friday, Dr Silver Mugisha, the NWSC managing director, said the corporation is tired of the unmet deadlines that the contractor has kept giving to complete the project and hand it over since November last year. “We have been tolerant for long. Design an agreement with sanctions. I am tired of telling people lies because some are beginning to wonder the type of person I am,” Mr Mugisha told Mr George Mathieu, the project coordinator.

Mr Mugisha said as much as the corporation is pleased with the quality of work, the contractor must hand over the project in time so that the people of Kampala start receiving piped water in the areas of Namasuba, Mutundwe, Kyengera Nalumunye, Lubowa and other city suburbs, which are not served by the NWSC network.

Mr Mathieu said there were a number of unforeseen construction works that had not been factored into the original contract yet they had to comply with the NWSC contract specifications.