Nakalema orders Mukono DPC to produce released suspect in 24 hours

Saturday March 7 2020

The 640 acres of disputed land which Col

The 640 acres of disputed land which Col Nakalema was inspecting on Saturday is located in Ntawo Village, Mukono Municipality. PHOTO BY DERRICK KISSA 


Lt Col Edith Nakalema, who heads the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, has given the Mukono District Police Commander (DPC) a 24-hour ultimatum to produce the suspect he released before his case was fully settled.

The suspect, who is allegedly the UPDF soldier was arrested over land a dispute between Uganda Christian University (UCU) and residents of Ntawo village. The said suspect is said to have led a group of people that injured those who were found guarding the disputed land last month.

The 640 acres of disputed land which Col Nakalema was inspecting on Saturday is located in Ntawo Village, Mukono Municipality.

As Col Nakalema and other officials were being taken around the land, the UCU officials reported to her that the UPDF soldier who was arrested after this group injured the guards, was released by police yet he could have helped in investigations.

Mr Fred Bamwine, the RDC of Mukono District said that one Brian was arrested by police to provide more information on what exactly happened but he was later released by the DPC.

“Brian is no longer in our hands, he was arrested by police and DISO but they later released him. If we do not discover Brian, we shall not know what exactly happened, whether it was UPDF or not,” he said.


The Mukono DPC, SP Joab Wabwire, tried to defend himself saying that his juniors were responsible for releasing the suspect, but Col Nakalema gave him only 24 hours to produce the suspect.

“DPC, you will get problems if you do not produce Brian. I want to assure you that you have to give us that suspect to sort out these matters publicly, who is he not to be talked about? Am giving you only 24 hours,” Col Nakalema said.

Col Nakalema proceeded to meet the residents of Ntawo Village who presented to her their documents showing that they are the rightful owners of the land.

They pinned UCU for having forged a land title and also evicted them from their homes where they had lived for a long time.

“We want to know who exactly owns this land, is it UCU or Ham Mukasa and also where do we belong? Because we have been on this land and we have legal documents. I also request officials from UCU to first understand the leadership of this place to avoid conflicts,” one of the residents said, in the meeting.

However, Mr John Karuhanga from the office of commission land registration told residents that the land belonged to Ham Mukasa in 1939 and it was later transferred to Anglican Church.

“On October 27, 1939 the late Ham Mukasa transferred this land to Anglican Church of Uganda, the governor by them granted legally in free hold form to registered trustees of the church,” he said.

Col Nakalema ordered Mukono RDC to help residents and officials from UCU form committees that will have to go to Anti-Corruption Unit headquarters in Kampala for a meeting to sort out their issues.