Namilyango College snubs court order, blocks expelled S.4 student from sitting exams

Monday October 14 2019

The court order signed by Mukono High Court

The court order signed by Mukono High Court registrar Ms Harriet Lukwago, was to allow George William Eronda (pictured) sit for the exams which started on Monday, October 14, 2019. PHOTO BY DERICK KISSA 

By Derick Kissa

Namilyango College in Mukono District has rejected a court order secured by a senior four candidate who had been expelled and allegedly blocked from siting his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams.
The court order signed by Mukono High Court deputy registrar Ms Harriet Nalukwago, was to allow George William Eronda, 18, sit for the exams which started on Monday, October 14, 2019.

Last Thursday, Eronda run to court seeking justice after the school expelled him for allegedly misbehaving during a recent school trip.
Eronda who had reportedly registered for exams was accused of fighting with a colleague during the trip, contrary to the school rules.
In her order, Ms Lukwago said the school had acted illegally when they expelled Eronda.

In the company of his lawyer Mr Walter Bwire and a police officer, Eronda on Monday appeared at the school ready to start his exams but was blocked by the head teacher Mr Constantine Mpuuga Sajjabi on grounds that he had no business there since he had already been expelled.
This reporter was not able to speak to Mr Sajjabi by the time of filing this story.

However, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Mr Patrick Onyango said the order had been cleared by police and therefore, there was no reason for the school to deny the student exams.
"The order was cleared by police headquarters but the school administrators refused to honor it. They claim the boy was registered at Buddo Senior Secondary School and that it is where his index number is and that he should have gone there instead," Mr Onyango said.
Mr Onyango added: “We are looking at charging the administrators with contempt of court."

Mr Bwire also told this reporter that they plan to sue the school for snubbing the court order.
"All the school had to do was to respect the court order and let the student sit for the examinations. We have talked to the school’s board chairman and he assured us that he will talk to the head teacher to let the student sit for the remaining papers. We are only giving them up to the end of today," Mr Bwire said.