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New site for power station identified

Monday February 4 2013


A potential site for another hydro power station in West Nile has been discovered in Yumbe District. District leaders and technical officials from the central government recently visited Agbinika water falls in Kochi Sub-county to assess the viability of constructing a hydro power station.

Construction work on the power station has not yet started but a technical team from the Ministry of Energy said the falls would generate 20MW of power.

The discovery has created excitement among the locals who see power as a luxury as they are used to candles and lamps. The district chairperson, Mr Taban Yasiin, said a quick response by the government is needed to construct the power station.

The State Minister for Finance, Mr Fred Jachan Omach, said the leaders who kept quiet over the matter made it impossible for government to act.

“This is a good resource to the country and we will intervene together with partners because it is the biggest falls which could serve the region and South Sudan,” Mr Omach said.

It is not clear if the government will construct the dam soon, taking into the account that the completion of Nyagak hydro power dam took decades.

It is the third power dam after Nyagak and Gwere Luzira hydro power stations.