No charges for Aine - police

Tuesday April 12 2016

Mr Aine stands with Gen Saleh at whose home he

Mr Aine stands with Gen Saleh at whose home he resurfaced after disappearing for nearly four months. File photo. 

By Joseph Kato


Police will not prefer any criminal charges against Mr Christopher Aine, the former head of Mr Amama Mbabazi security detail, who after disappearing for four months resurfaced at Gen Salim Saleh’s home.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, told journalists yesterday that Mr Aine’s case in which he is accused of assaulting police officers in Jinja and beating up NRM supporters in Ntungamo, will be decided politically.

“You are all aware that [Mr] Aine was involved in various political clashes during presidential campaigns. It’s good he handed himself to Gen Saleh, a senior security officer, and his matter is being handled at a political level,” he said.
At the height of his disappearance police chief Kale Kayihura placed a Shs20m bounty on Aine’s head for anyone with information leading to his arrest.

After four months, Mr Aine told reappeared at Gen Saleh’s home, telling NTV he had been hiding in Dar el Salaam, Tanzania.
Gen Saleh is President Museveni’s young brother, who in the wake of the Ntungamo clashes warned that those behind the beating would face the law.

Mr Mbabazi’s team have said Gen Saleh, who paraded Mr Aine, should explain how a person, who had been feared dead, disappeared into Tanzania and later resurfaced at his residence.
Yesterday, Ms Josephine Mayanja-Nkangi, the Go Forward spokesperson, said they doubted whether Mr Aine left the country at all.

Mr Aine went missing on December 17, 2015, after clashes in Ntungamo in which supporters of NRM and those of Mbabazi clashed with each other.

Through his lawyers, Mr Mbabzi filed a writ of habeas corpus, in which he sought to compel the State to produce Mr Aine. However, the application was dismissed a weak before he resurfaced.
Mr Enanga could not explain how Mr Aine, who was regarded as one of the “most wanted persons”, sneaked out of the country and came back without being detected by security agencies.
Mr Enanga instead praised Mr Aine for handing himself over to government, saying: “[Mr] Aine is a person with security experience and we believe he was aided to sneak out of the country. Besides, we can never have 100 per cent border detection.”

Although details of the negotiations are not yet known, Gen Saleh last week said he would lead the negotiations in which Mr Aine is seeking to regain his freedom. However, it is not yet clear what will happen to cases that have been lodged in court, especially the one in which he is accused of assaulting police officers in Jinja District last year.


December 13: Mr Aine and group, allegedly from the Go Forward camp, are captured on TV fighting with NRM supporter in Ntungamo. Police says he is a wanted man.
December 17: Mr Aine is reported missing with police and Mr Amama Mbabazi’s camp accusing each other of holding him.
January 2: Police chief Kale Kayihura puts a Shs20m reward on Mr Aine’s head for anyone with information leading to his arrest.
January 4: Pictures with features similar to those of Mr Aine appear on social media with his family fearing that he could have been killed.
January 8: Mbabazi camp goes to court, seeking court to compel government to produce Mr Aine.
Mar 31: Court dismisses Mr Mbabazi’s plea that had sought to compels government to produce Mr Aine.
April 7: Aine reappears pictured on NTV standing beside Gen Salim Saleh in Kampala.

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