Ntungamo shuts cattle market over anthrax

Wednesday July 27 2016

Traders drive cattle to Rubaare market in Ntungamo District recently. PHOTO BY PEREZ RUMANZI

Ntungamo/Isingiro- Authorities in Ntungamo District have closed livestock markets as a measure to fight the foot and mouth disease and anthrax in the area.

At least 15 cows have died of anthrax in Ngoma Sub-county in the last two weeks, according to the district veterinary officer, Dr Yake Basulira.

Foot and mouth disease was confirmed in Ihunga Sub-county recently.

“We have closed all animal markets in the district and this is intended to control the diseases as we move to vaccinate all livestock to stop further spread. If we keep the animals moving, it is hard to stop further spread,” Dr Basulira said on Monday.

Ngoma Sub-county, which borders Rwanda, is the only area that has registered anthrax infection. The disease has not been registered in the region in the recent years.
Meanwhile, Isingiro District has registered a foot and mouth disease case.

The district veterinary officer, Dr Bruhan Kasozi, on Tuesday said the disease was confirmed in Busheeka, Endinzi Sub-county, on July 18.


He said the owner of the affected animal bought it from the neigbouring Rakai District.

Isingiro has had intermittent foot and mouth disease outbreak especially in Endinzi, Mbaare and Kashumba sub-counties.
Livestock markets in the area have remained closed for 10 years to fight the disease that mainly spreads from livestock farms in Tanzania.

“We have been getting episodes of foot and mouth disease, but have been able to contain the disease by vaccination and closing communal livestock markets,” Dr Kasozi said.