P6 girl sits PLE, scores Aggregate 4

Sunday January 19 2020

Star. Celine Sindoga sat for PLE in Primary

Star. Celine Sindoga sat for PLE in Primary Six. PHOTOS BY STEPHEN OTAGE 


Teachers at Kampala Quality Academy and parents of Karen Celine Sindoga were on Friday thrown into ecstasy by the great performance of an 11 year-old P6 girl, who scored maximum points in the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

Sindoga obtained Aggregate 4, placing her top among star performers.

The young girl’s mother, Ms Constance Katooko, who is a human resources officer in Budaka District, said one of her daughter’s teachers, asked her to allow her daughter skip Primary Seven and sit PLE exams because they were confident of her intelligence and ability to score Division One.

She said she granted the teacher’s request because she also noticed her daughter’s unique abilities at a tender age.

“When she was in Baby Class, she could already scribble her name, which was rather strange for a child at that level,” she said. The mother said Sindoga needed no pushing around to do anything.
“She knows the time to do exercises, when to revise her books, and she knows how to programme herself,” Ms Katooko said.

When asked what made her post such an excellent performance, the little girl said she did not find the subjects hard because she had been doing a lot of reading since she started school.