Parent storms city school after daughter defilement

Thursday November 21 2019



Kampala- A 10-year-old girl was reportedly defiled by her teacher at St Peter’s Primary School, Nsambya.
The Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, yesterday confirmed that they registered a case of defilement and had arrested a teacher at the school to help with investigation into the matter.

“We arrested [a teacher] on Monday. He is 35 years old. He was reported by security manager Eric Lukwago in connection with a case of aggravated defilement. The child defiled is a 10-year-old Primary Five pupil,” Mr Owoyesigyire said.

According to a source from the victim’s family, the child called her father to the school last Friday informing him that she had something to share with him.

When the father arrived, the girl opened up that one of her teachers had been sexually molesting her.
The source added that the father was overwhelmed by emotion and inquired from the daughter to show him the implicated teacher.
The father then charged at the teacher and during the fight, the staff got concerned and called in police.

“The girl told the father not to get disappointed on hearing her story. She then revealed that since Primary Two her teacher had been asking her to take books to his home. Every time she reached his home, he would then demand to remove her underwear and sleep with her. He would then warn her not to tell anybody,” the family source said.
The case was registered at Kasawe Police Station near the school.

The source said the teacher was later transferred to Kabalagala Police Station.
The family claims police took the girl to Mulago hospital for checkup but declined to give them the report saying it was under investigation.


The girl’s parents said they sought further medical examination which confirmed that the girl had been defiled.
When other parents learnt of the development, many rushed to the school to check whether their own children were safe.

Other cases
Sources close to the school said other eight children have since confided in their parents about the same teacher, allegedly sexually abusing them.
But Mr Owoyesigyire said they had registered only one case against the teacher.
The children further claimed that the matter was first reported to their matron, senior woman teacher and deputy teacher but nothing was done to discipline the teacher or save the children from further abuse.

One of the victims’ parents yesterday said they were disappointed with the school administration which they claim, is more interested in protecting its integrity but not addressing the plight of the children.

“Instead of calling parents to reassure them, they are calling to tell us not to go public to destroy their name. They care more about the reputation of the school than the safety of children we have entrusted them with,” the parent added.
Asked whether they had ever noticed a change in their daughter’s behaviour, the parent said they suspected something wrong last term but it never crossed their mind that it could be defilement.

“She was very weak last term. She could not stand. She was very reserved and quiet. But we thought because she had been sick, that is why she was weak. It was the last thing on our mind that a teacher was molesting her,” the parentsaid in distress.
We were unable to contact the school head teacher, Mr Francis Ssenabulya, as his known telephone number was unavailable.