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Plane lands on Mityana road

Friday July 18 2014

Small plane crash-lands at Kiwawu on Mityana

Small plane crash-lands at Kiwawu on Mityana road  

By Stephen Kafeero

Traffic along the usually busy Mityana road has been brought to a standstill following the landing of an ill-fated plane, N604AR at Kiwawu 22 kilometres to Mityana District after it reportedly ran out of fuel.

The ill-fated plane was carrying eight US marines who were travelling from Entebbe International Airport to Juba, South Sudan before it experienced the problem and made an emergency landing.

The Katonga Region Police Spokesperson Phillip Mukasa confirmed the incident and added that the plane experienced a problem and decided to make an emergency landing on the road.

According to the Mityana RDC, Mr Joel Walusimbi, the in-charge of the US commanders Col. Duke said they believe it was a weather problem and suddenly the engine stopped operating.

“The pilot ably tried to take a soft landing in the middle of the road,” added Mr Walusimbi.

No causalities were reported.