Plans to split Makerere, Mubs on

Sunday August 18 2013



A statutory instrument establishing Makerere University Business School (Mubs) as an independent university is being drafted by the Attorney General and is yet to be tabled before Parliament, the Minister of Education has said.
Appearing before the parliamentary Education Committee to defend the ministry’s policy framework paper on Thursday, Ms Jessica Alupo said the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) had advised the government that Mubs should be established as another degree awarding institution and develop gradually to become a fully-fledged university.

“Cabinet pronounced its position affirmatively to the recommendations of NCHE and authorised the Minister of Education and Sports to proceed to the Attorney General for drafting of the instrument and later Parliament for its resolution and enactment. The instrument is now being drafted by the Attorney General,” Ms Alupo said.

Makerere University and its semi-autonomous affiliate college, Mubs, have been locked in a wrangle since 1997.
The conflict is over the name and status of Mubs.
The Mubs authority wants to cut off that link and become autonomous while maintaining the name Mubs.
Makerere says it has no problem with severance of the affiliation as long as Mubs drops the name Makerere. Alternatively, it demands that Mubs retains the name and remains its constituent business school. The government proposes a middle position.

According to Mubs officials, a decision by Makerere University to offer the same courses; Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, among others, is unfair.

The disagreement between administrators of the two campuses came to a climax in 2011 when Mubs administrators announced they would start operating under the Metropolitan Business School name and launched a new symbols such as logo and colours.

Legislators, however, urged the minister to expedite the process to end the wrangling between Makerere University and Mubs.