VIDEO: Police arrest Mao over demonstration on age limit

Thursday July 20 2017

By Derrick Wandera

KAMPALA: Democratic Party president Mr Nobert Mao, DP secretary General Gerald Siranda, Mr Hakim Kizza have been arrested and whisked to Central Police Station Kampala after they had finished the launch of the 'Togikwatako Drive' literally translated as hands-off article 102 (b) at their main office at City House. They were moving to Constitutional Square to put the party banner.
The campaign is meant to oppose the proposed Constitutional amendment which includes lifting of the presidential age limit.

Together with other youth leaders of the party and party supporters, Mao was taken to police and the process paralysed the traffic flow in the city.

Police arrest Mao over demonstration on age

Police arrest Mao over demonstration on age limit. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

"I don't have any problem and what we are doing is very lawful. I don't know why we are being arrested, we are only making sure the constitution is not changed to favour the current president in the presidential age limit bill," said Mao.


The Kalungu East Member of Parliament and DP party chief whip Hon Joseph Sewungu said the movement has just started and as soon as they release him, they will continue to move.

DP secretary General Gerald Siranda being

DP secretary General Gerald Siranda being arrested. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

"We are going to be moving for the same cause. We call upon all the people and the Police to move with us. We are not going to allow the constitution to be changed," said Hon. Sewungu.