Police stop licensing of guns

Wednesday March 27 2013

By Angella Nalwanga


Police have said they have stopped licensing of guns to people and ordered private security organisations to deploy more than one security guard at business premises.

The measure comes at the backdrop of increased armed robberies in the city and its suburbs that have claimed lives of more than four prominent businessmen since the year started.

“We are calling upon private security agencies to deploy about two or more security guards at every station as this will help to reduce on the rampant theft of guns by criminals,” Mr Ibin Ssenkumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said on Monday. He added that police have also stepped up its security by putting stop-checkpoints at most of the police stations to avoid theft of guns from officers.

Not even guns to individuals
“We have also stopped licensing guns to individuals as it has been realised that the guns are hired out to people who use them for looting places and killing people during theft operations,” added Mr Ssenkumbi.

Mr Ssenkumbi said police are still following up the recent criminal cases that have been reported. Deputy police spokesperson Vincent Ssekate added his voice by blaming the rampant crimes on the hiring of guns to suspected criminals by private security companies.


Since Uganda is bordered by countries that have recently been faced with political instabilities, it is rather easier for people to acquire guns illegally and even smuggle them into the country, he said.