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Python invades Museveni’s farm on eve of his birthday, shot dead

Friday September 16 2016

Policemen guarding president Museveni’s farm in

Policemen guarding president Museveni’s farm in Kisozi, Gomba District on Wednesday shot and killed a python. Courtesy photos  


GOMBA. A python was on Wednesday shot dead by policemen guarding Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s farm in Kisozi, Gomba District just hours before he celebrated his 72nd birthday.
The snake had reportedly sneaked into the farm with the intention of attacking the president’s cattle.
According to one of the policemen who preferred not to be named in the story because he’s not authorised to speak to the media, the python was shot thrice at around 10.00am after it turned violent.

“We were terrified by such a huge and dangerous creature and that’s why we had to kill it to secure our lives and protect the ‘big man’s’ cattle. One bullet was shot in in head and other two bullets in the abdomen,” he said.
He added that the snake weighed about 80 kilogrammes and 20 feet in length but by press time, it was still kept in one of the policemen’s shelter in the President’s farm.
The incident comes just days after police in Gomba District arrested three people on allegations of stealing Mr Museveni’s cows from the same farm.

The in-charge of investigations and intelligence at Gomba Police Station, Ms Doreen Kachwo, told the media that the three suspects, one of whom works at the farm were caught with three cows from the farm.
The president’s huge Kisozi farm is located in Gomba district, central Uganda, about 100 kilometres west of Kampala, and boasts long-horned cows traditionally herded by the president’s ethnic Banyankore tribe.

He likes to take visiting heads of state and foreign dignitaries there for talks and excursions.
Mr Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for three decades, was born into a family of cattle farmers and has often said he would happily return to the farm should he lose his political office.
He was re-elected for a fifth term in office in February.
His rival Kizza Besigye rejected the result, accusing the president’s people of massive fraud.
About pythons:
They kill their prey by constriction, wrapping their muscular bodies around it until it suffocates before swallowing it whole and dozing off for a couple of months while the meal is digested.