Red Cross still seeks help for El-Nino flood victims

Thursday January 28 2016



The Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) is still appealing for, Shs3.8 billion to provide assistance to the El-Nino victims in the Teso, Bugisu and Rwenzori regions.

Red Cross in a statement issued yesterday said, the El-Nino weather pattern that started in October last year and is expected to run until later next month, has so far affected 4,858 households directly who need help.

The body also said that 26,252 people are living in makeshift accommodations, 2,440 houses have been damaged and 9,334 acres of gardens have been destroyed in these regions, which necessitates financial response for assistance.

“Since the past few weeks have not registered any cases of flooding and the weather predictions show that rainfall patterns in most areas around the country are returning to normal, the need for emergency interventions has been relaxed but Red Cross Society has to do more to reach out to flood victims facing the after effects of El Nino,” the statement read in part.

Last month Red Cross launched a Shs9.2b drive to for the victims in 12 districts but only Shs356M have been collected since, monies contributed by the International Committee of Red Cross, German Red Cross and the Norwegian embassy. The government pledged Shs200m to be fulfilled in July.


More Shs8.8 billion would have been required for the remaining period, but since the rains scaled down, only Shs 3.8 billion will be required. In the new drive the body is now reaching out to the private sector to also support the various initiatives.
Red Cross also said the support has been in form of non-food items like household items is still required.

“The response received from our partners, government and the media has been valuable in helping us to reach out to the affected communities. This spirit of partnership goes a long way in accelerating our interventions around the country.” said Mr. Robert Kwesiga, the new URCS secretary general.