Rehabilitation of Tororo-Lira power transmission lines start

Sunday April 21 2013

By Mudangha Kolyangha

The rehabilitation of the power line between eastern and northern Uganda commenced this weekend. The rehabilitation of Tororo 132KV substation to Lira via Opuyo substation, a distance of approximately 260km, is hoped to improve the reliability and availability of power to the eastern and northern regions and to reduce costs associated with maintaining the transmission line due to wild fires, lightning strikes and termites.

Under the renovation, wooden poles will be replaced with steel structures from Tororo to Lira via Opuyo sub-station. The $53m project is also expected to cater for Mbarara-Nkenda power transmission lines.

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL) senior project manager Joseph Ogwal said the project would entail construction of the 132KV single circuit transmission line from Tororo substation to Lira, establishing accessories and conductors.

Mr Ogwal said the project would lead to displacement of 4,675 families. He added that a resettlement housing project, funded by the African Development Bank and government had been commissioned.

So far, about 50 houses have been built for the displaced families.
Mr Ogwal said those affected would be compensated this month following the completion of the environmental and social impact assessment (EIA) and resettlement action plan (RAP).

UETCL on Friday handed over houses to displaced families in Mbale, Kumi, Otuboi, Dokolo and Pallisa. The contract for the project was awarded to Kalpataro Ltd, an India-based firm.

The Electricity Act of 1999 liberalised the power sector, breaking up the Uganda Electricity Board that had monopoly for power generation, transmission and distribution, into three companies responsible for generation of electricity (Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited), transmission (UETCL) and distribution (Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited).