Reject dirty money from politicians, church told

Monday August 17 2015



Former Lands, Housing and Urban Development minister Daniel Omara Atubo has advised church leaders to reject money from politicians in the forthcoming general election.

The former Otuke County MP said rejecting bribery would promote good governance and democracy. “Currently, what is being said is that church leaders are being bribed in order for the givers to win in 2016 elections. Church leaders are undermining their own credibility, which is bad for democracy, good governance and stability,” Mr Atubo told a weekly press briefing in Lira Town last week.

He commended church leaders for rebuking donors who support homosexuality, saying the same criticisms should apply to politicians who bribe..

“My sincere advice to church leaders is that their acceptance of money from politicians should be conditional upon politicians being good and clean leaders. If not, church leaders should reject the dirty money for the good of human rights, justice, peace and democracy just as they did from homosexual donors,” he said.

He said it is acceptable for the State and politicians to assist churches in order to promote church development but this should not be based on patronage.
He highlighted the roles church leaders need to promote morality and ethical behavior, reconciliation and should be non-partisan.

“They should be the voice of the voiceless, the weak and the oppressed. They should not be opportunistic, materialistic and greedy,” he said.

Mr Atubo said when church leaders remain silent or become part of dirty politics, the end result can be tragic. He cited the Rwanda genocide, saying it happened because church leaders had failed to play their roles as arbiters