Residents appeal to Museveni over delayed pay for road project

Monday December 10 2018

Unsettled. Mr Moses Bareeba at his house that

Unsettled. Mr Moses Bareeba at his house that was designated by Unra for demolition in Bisheshe Division, Ibanda Municipality. However, he says he is yet to receive his compensation. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA 


Ibanda. Forty-two residents of Ibanda District, who were affected by the construction of Nyakahita- Ibanda-Kamwenge road, have appealed to President Museveni to order the Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) to compensate them.
The tarmacking of the 144km road started in 2011 and was completed in 2014.
Led by Mr Elpaz Bakehena, the complainants on Friday said project-affected persons should have been compensated before the project kicked off but this was not done by Unra.
“Unra officials came to Ibanda in 2009 and sensitised people about the project but they did not compensated us as promised before constructing the road. The 42 have never received their money,” he said.
Mr Bakehena, who is demanding Shs34 million, added that the 42 received messages that they had been paid but have never seen the money.
“That is why we are asking the President to order Unra to compensate us,” he said.
Mr Moses Bareeba, a resident of Bisheshe Division in Ibanda Municipality, said his money could have been misappropriated.
“Unra came and valued my house and put me in a road reserve. Later they brought me a voucher of how they will compensate me. I have never received the money despite lodging several complaints,” said Mr Bareeba, who claimed he is supposed to be paid Shs19 million.
Mr Arone Bitama, a resident of Rushasha II Cell in Bisheshe Division, who said he is supposed to receive Shs45 million, said they are worried that Unra could demolish their houses when they have not been compensated.
However, the director of roads and bridges at Unra, Mr Samuel Muhoozi, said they inherited the compensation claims in 2015 from the previous leadership at the roads authority, which had failed to clear the project-affected persons.
Mr Muhoozi, nevertheless, emphasized that the residents will be compensated.
“We came into existence in 2015 and the old Unra had failed to pay them. We have paid some of the people on that road and now we are coming to the end of the quarter and the money is finished. We will be able to pay the rest at the beginning of the next quarter in January,” Mr Muhoozi said.
The Resident District Commissioner, Mr Elasto Akatuhebwa, said some residents have not received their money because their personal details and bank accounts have errors. “The project-affected persons’ money delayed for long but eventually Unra came and paid them. Those who did not get had errors in their bank accounts such as change of names and when the money was paid, it bounced. But also others have family wrangles over how their money should be paid,” he said.