Roads, bridges destroyed as rain wreaks havoc countrywide

Friday November 15 2019

Improvising. A man helps another cross a

Improvising. A man helps another cross a section of a bridge on Nsangi- Buloba road that was swept away by floods on October 24. PHOTO BY SADAT MBOGO  


Heavy rain pounding different parts of the country has destroyed several roads and bridges, paralysing transport and hindering trade.
Although the Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) is yet to make a financial assessment of the damage, their report shows that about 10 bridges and more than 80 roads are to be reconstructed and rehabilitated.
One of those is Kazinga Channel Bridge connecting Rubirizi and Kasese districts in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

“Kazinga Channel Bridge along Ishaka-Katunguru road is currently unusable by heavy trucks and buses following damage to the bridge deck. More details to follow on planned works and diversion routes. We are working with police to guide traffic,” a Unra statement posted on their social media platforms reads in part.
“A maintenance taskforce is in place to monitor and derive intervention measures for critically affected sections on our road network and where possible, reinstate impassable sections immediately,” the statement adds.

Central Uganda
In Luweero District, one of the affected is Kiwoko-Kalagala-Ngogolo road where heavy rains has flooded several sections, especially in swampy areas, making it impassable. Unra says there is a need to improve the road’s drainage system and install culverts.
Rain have also eroded several sections of Luweero-Kikyusa-Zirobwe road, making it difficult to vehicles to pass through.
Danze swamp on Kakiri-Danze-Mawale road has also flooded, making some sections impassable.

Many sections of Namayumba-Kakonda-Semuto road have also been affected by the rains and Unra is currently rehabilitating them.
Gobero-Seganga-Kakonda and Kikubampanga-Seganga roads are also impassable. The rains have also eroded sections of Wobulenzi-Lwajjali-Kabimbiri road, making it too narrow for two vehicles to pass.

The rains have also led to flooding on sections of Kisule-Kapeeka and Nakasongola-Lwampanga roads.
Sections of Lwampanga-Kafu, Kapeeka-Butalangu, Kalule-Bowa-Nakaseke and Luweero-Butalangu roads have also been damaged by rains and need urgent rehabilitation.

In greater Masaka, many affected sections are in low-lying areas. Kanoni-Misigi-Mityana, Lukolo-Bunjako, Nakawuka-Katende-Kakiri and Mityana-Busunju roads are in a sorry state. Kayabwe-Nkozi-Kabulasoke road is now passable after culverts were installed.
Mpigi-Kasanje-Buwaya, Kyabakuza-Matete-Kaliiro, Mbiriizi-Mateete-Ssembabule, Sembabule-Nkonge, Lyantonde-Ntusi Road and Masaka-Kida roads have also been severely affected by rains with many slippery sections.
Some culverts on Rakai-Ntantamukye road are broken and have been buried under the water.

Impassable. Buses stranded on a slippery
Impassable. Buses stranded on a slippery section of Abim-Soroti road recently. PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG


Eastern region
In eastern region, Manafwa river burst its banks, cutting off sections of the road. The debris from the river has been removed and a temporary culvert put in place. The bridge needs new culverts.
Malaba Bridge has also flooded. Restoration of damaged spots on the road using gravel is underway. The road needs more culverts.
Nanjipa Bridge on Nagongera-Marikit-Busiu-Ishikohye road has also been washed away. Unra has replaced it with 1.8 diameter culverts.
A timber deck concrete bridge with 1.8m diameter has been replaced.
Lwanjusi Bridge on Magodesi-Busumbu road has also flooded. Unra had started construction of the head and wind walls but has suspended the works to concentrate on repairing Leresi Bridge on Mbale-Butaleja road, which has been damaged, making transport along the route difficult.

Several sections of Tororo-Nagongera road are flooded and there is a need to raise the road and install several culverts.
Magale-Bumbo-Lwakhakha road needs gravel filling and installation of more culverts as the current ones have been covered by rain water.
Heavy rains have left Iganga-Bulopa-Kamuli road with deep potholes and silted culverts. Coffer dam on Kamuli-Mbulamuti road was washed away by rains. A contractor is working on the road.

Iganga-Nakivumbi-Busesa-Nawangisa, Kamuli-Mbulamuti, Nabirumba-Buyende-Kidera and Namutumba-Budumba roads are also impassable.
Kumi-Brooks Corner-Serere, Amuria-Orungo-Okudde and Serere-Kateta-Kyere roads are also impassable due to a slippery surface.
In Karamoja, rains have washed away gravel on Kokeris-Lopei road, leading to wide potholes.
Ariamoi-Lopei, Lokicher-Turtuko-Nyakwae, Lokopo Link, Amudat-Loro-Lokitanyala, Kitaale, Nabilatuk-Angatun and Lockhart-Magoro roads are also in a bad state.

Western region
In Bunyoro, Kibaale-Bugwara-Paacwa, Isunga-Bugwara-Kikwaya, Bukwiri-Kyankwanzi, Bukwiri-Ntwetwe-Kayindiyindi and Bukwiri-Byerima-Kikuya roads have been cut off by floods that have damaged several sections.
On Ihungu-Bulyamusenyu road in Masindi District, flood water has submerged several sections up to knee level. A bridge on Kakabara-Katooke road in Kabarole District has been submerged by floods.
The recently installed culverts on Fort Portal-Bundibugyo roads are submerged in water. The section needs to be reconstructed and bigger culverts installed.

The culverts on Ntandi-Kikyo-Bundibugyo road are silted by the floods. Unra officials are de-silting it. However, they plan to put bigger culverts.
Harugale-Bupompoli road has been affected by landslides. Unra engineers are clearing the debris but the land is unstable and another landslide might occur if the rains continue.

Northern region
In West Nile sub-region, culverts on Pakwach-Panyimuri road were filled up by debris and efforts to remove them are yet to yield results as heavy rains continue to pound the area.
Several sections of Pakwach-Inde, Dzaipi-Nimule, Tete-Bibia and Adjumani-Sinyanya roads are also flooded: Cross culverts lines need to be installed. Obongi-Kulikulinga, Alliodranus-Gobolo-Matu-Kerwa-Kei and Laropi-Ayugi roads are equally affected.

In Gulu, Apaa Bridge on Amuru-Omee-Rhinocam road was submerged by water last month. The affected areas have been filled but the lasting solution is reconstruction of the entire bridge.
Many sections of Logere-Adee road are impassable.