Row erupts over cattle restocking programme

Thursday August 15 2019

Some of  the beneficiaries of cattle resto

Some of the beneficiaries of cattle restocking programme in Acholi Sub-region receive cattle in April 2015. A row has erupted among leaders in Kitgum District over who should benefit from the programme. FILE PHOTO 


A row has erupted among leaders in Kitgum District over who should benefit from the cattle restocking programme that mainly targets former returnees of the Lords Resistance Army rebels, widows and elderly persons.

In Omiya Nyima Sub-county, the LC3 councillors have accused their chairperson, Mr Julius Peter Otto Angora, of siding with the implementer to give animals to those who supported him in the 2016 general election.

“It’s so disturbing that our chairperson, who doesn’t belong to any of the categories meant to benefit from the programme, has his name as one of the beneficiaries,” Ms Catherine Akaka, the woman councillor representing Melong Parish, said.

“As leaders, we cannot take this, even those who did not vote him should be considered in government programmes,” Ms Akaka added.
Pela Parish councillor Donaciano Ocaya said it’s absurd that the chairperson has turned out to engage in corruption tendencies.
“We are yet to decide on the next move of engaging the Inspector General of Government on the matter,’’ Mr Ocaya said.

The sub-county chief, Mr Charles Lwanga Oteng, declined to speak on grounds that he is not authorised to do so on such matters.

But Mr Otto distanced himself from any wrongdoing, arguing that it’s instead the councillors who have interest in benefiting from the programme.
“My preliminary findings show that some councillors want to benefit and yet they do not qualify,” Mr Otto said.


Early this month, animal distribution under the cattle restocking programme, turned rowdy at Pager Division headquarter in Kitgum Municipality.
The exercise, which was meant to select the beneficiaries, came to a standstill for close to two hours after one of the would-be beneficiaries was found with a ‘YES’ paper alleged to have been given to her by a technical staff within the division.

The process of selecting beneficiaries is coordinated by Kitgum municipal production office.
It is done through random selection where the would-be beneficiaries have to pick a stamped wrapped paper written ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.
Those, who pick ‘YES’ will benefit from the restocking programme contrary to those who pick ‘No’.

The LC5 chairperson, Mr Jackson Omona, said: “Our leaders are poor and they try to get a share of whatever comes in the name of the vulnerable people. But we have resolved to follow them closely.”

The district veterinary officer, Dr Alfred Otto, said the district has so far received 3,158 animals under the programme.
Government has been releasing Shs5b for the restocking programme in each financial year since 2015.