Rwanda opposition in exile asks Kagame for dialogue

Exiled Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, a senior member of RNC

KAMPALA- The Rwanda National Congress, an opposition group in exile on Wednesday said it had not received response from the government after writing requesting for dialogue.
In a statement, the RNC spokesperson Jean Paul Turyayishimye said dialogue is the only way to avoid the repeat of genocide in Rwanda.
“RNC is convinced that dialogue is the best way Rwanda can avoid a repeat of the violence that has claimed millions of Rwandan lives twenty five years ago,” he wrote

Mr Turyayishimye also told the Rwandan government led by President Paul Kagame to stop calling their organization “a terrorist organization”.
“We would like to remind the public that we are an organization founded on democratic, justice and human rights principles,”
Rwanda has accused RNC of planning to destabilise the country. The UN report of experts released early this year also said that RNC was training its fighters in DR Congo to fight the Kigali government.