Schools, churches, bars to remain closed, says Museveni

Monday June 1 2020

President Museveni. FILE|PPU PHOTO

President Museveni. FILE|PPU PHOTO 


Schools, churches, mosques, bars, night clubs, gyms and saunas will remain closed in a bid to avoid further spread of coronavirus, President Museveni has said, adding that they cannot easily observe the social distancing rules.

"We appeal to the churches and mosques to remain closed," President Museveni said.

Mr Museveni also said curfew will continue from 7pm until 6:30am for another 21 days.
Churches, bars, night clubs, gyms and saunas will remain closed for the next 21 days while opening of schools for candidate classes has been postponed for another one month as government plans whether to provide private television sets for all the villages in the country.
“We have decided to postpone the re-opening of schools for candidate leaners for another one month as we prepare more and study the situation,” he said, adding that “two television sets per village equals to 140,000 TV sets” for the entire country.

Public transport
The president said: “We shall now allow the regulated opening of public means of transport like taxis, mini-buses provided they carry one half of their normal capacity plus the conductor and driver.”

"We should not as yet allow the restriction of the private and public transport in the border districts. Bodas should continue to carry cargo and not passengers."

According to the president, malls will open but arcades will remain closed since they cannot observe social distancing.


Suspects to be released

"There are 4,000 people who were arrested during the lock down because they did not follow regulations. I would like the Attorney General and DPP to review these cases and have them freed if there is nothing serious," Mr Museveni said.

The president said infections in the country had reached 457.
“On account of our collective efforts, it is now 75 days since the lock-down started on the 17th of March. The number of Ugandans that have been tested positive is 457."

Truck drivers

On truck drivers who are said to be the main source of the infections, Mr Museveni called for calm.
"The truck drivers will be tested and monitored. There is, therefore, no need for panic because we are testing and tracking those they have come into contact with," he said.

Food distribution
Mr Museveni further said government will continue giving food to vulnerable people most affected by the lockdown in Wakiso and Kampala districts.
“We have finished one phase and we shall resume. We might even come back to Kampala. The lock-down however cannot and should not continue indefinitely because it affects the community. However it has helped us keep the numbers low and treat successfully those infected," Mr Museveni said.

No right mask? Stay home

The govt will begin supplying facemasks on June 10, 2020.
"If you have not yet got the right mask, stay at home," he said.