7 girls rescued during Usafi Mosque raid confirmed pregnant

Monday May 7 2018

Usafi mosque: One family's struggle to rescue their children

Some of the children and women who were reportedly rescued during security raid on Usafi Mosque in Kisenyi, Kampala. COURTESY PHOTO  


KAMPALA. Police have confirmed that seven out of 63 girls rescued from kidnap during the Usafi Mosque raid are pregnant.
Deputy police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango told journalists in Kampala on Monday that medical examinations had indicated that seven out 11 girls defiled during captivity were at different stages of pregnancy.

“The medical experts have carried out examination on them and found some to be very sick and these are currently receiving treatment at medical centres. Seven girls were found to be at various stages of pregnancy. Sadly, these girls aged 13 to 15 years were defiled and it was confirmed by the examination,” Mr Onyango said.

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Police said they were looking for the children’s parents so that they can be reunited adding that they are currently under the care and counselling officials from the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.
“The number of victims we rescued from captivity now stands at 154 and of these, 28 are women, 63 girls and 63 boys. Their ages range from days to 50+ years. Among the women, three are Burundians who have refused to talk to the investigators,” Mr Onyango said.

Defence and army deputy spokesperson, Lt Col Deo Akiiki, said the Usafi Mosque raid came after investigation into Susan Magara murder indicated it was planned from there adding that currently, the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Team (JATT) was probing among other charges human trafficking, sexual abuse and terrorism.