Ismaili Muslim Community provide free health services in Lira town

Saturday December 7 2019

Health camp.  A medical personnel from the

Health camp. A medical personnel from the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community in Uganda gives out medicine during a free health and vision camp at St Gracious Nursery and Primary School in Lira Town on November 30. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Monitor Reporter

About 400 people, including children, have benefitted from a free health and vision camp organised by Shia Ismaili Muslim Community in Uganda.
The camp was held at St Gracious Nursery and Primary School in Lira last Saturday.
Mr Minaz Jamal, the President of Aga Khan National Council of Uganda, said: “We regularly provide help through such camps and try to make a small difference. The idea is to conduct the camps in an environment of compassion and care. In Lira, we screened for vision and qualified doctors were able to examine the children and parents.”
Mr Jamal also said they sensitised the community members about the benefits of early childhood development, which teaching was done by the Aga Khan Foundation Madrasa Early Childhood Programme.
“We can make this difference with the generosity of our partners and our dedicated volunteers who look after health and outreach matters,” he added.

The camps
The free medical camps have for several years been organised by the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community to reach different communities so that they benefit from experienced health workers and access health facilities.
The aim is educational and also to raise health awareness.
Similar camps have been held in Kampala, with one last year at Kibuli, to coincide with observance of World Health Day.
Among the treatment provided at the Lira Camp were medication for allergies and infections.
Ms Gulzar Hirani, who oversees the Aga Khan Health Board, said “It is critical to screen for non-communicable diseases because when these are not arrested early, the victims slip into complications and yet with timely intervention, these diseases can be managed.”
Nadim Lalani, the chairman of Outreach Portfolio, said: “The camp is supervised by doctors and medical staff, to provide good quality medical facilities to the most deserving of people. In Lira this time, we had three doctors, two nurses, two optometrists and a technician. This was our first time working with the community in Lira. We are committed to having these camps to create health awareness about importance of good health in Uganda. This is part of our values.”
Every year, the health camps are fully supported by donors from the pharmaceutical sector and other generous donors and volunteers from the community.
This year’s camp was supported by Astra Pharma (U) Ltd, Gittoes Pharmaceuticals Limited, Arman Pharmacy, Millennium Optics Limited, Leo Biscuit Industry Ltd, and Connexion Bread.